Family Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with the awesome Michelle of Michelle Cervo Photography this week.  Michelle had taken some photos for my existing business almost two years and had captured some fantastic shots of my kiddos.  Unfortunately that time my husband had to work so we missed him in our photos so it was great to have the four of us together this time.  I picked the photos to be at our favourite place to walk, Heritage Park.  There are so many beautiful spots over looking the river and the mountains.   The first shot here is a spot we found in the trails, I took these few with my Iphone.

Of course it takes a few weeks to get the pictures but I snagged this one off Michelles FB page and I love it!  You would think they actually get along in this picture ;)  My daughter just turned 13 and my son is 8.

Here is the photo Michelle took almost two years ago, its pretty neat to see how much the kids have changed.

Now here is the first professional photo of the four of us together.  Revival Arts Studio in Abbotsford , BC did this shoot.  This is my favourite one of the bunch.  My son was two in the photo and my daughter was 6.

Im looking forward to seeing all the photos and will post some of my favourites in a few weeks :)

Water Resistant Fleece

  Today I attempted my first You Tube video.  This was something I really didn't want to do and always feel awkward especially filming myself.  So I got my 13 year daughter to film it with my Iphone which made it a little less clumsy.  I tried to just relax and be myself.  The ending is a little weird as I just didn't know how to sign off, but it was our 5th take so I settled on it after feeling much like a broken record.  My daughter and her friend laughed at our 3 take where I accidently put the tap on full blast and make a mess.  I really should have kept this video as a blooper, it was pretty funny.

 I wanted to do the video because sometimes things need to be seen and explained not just written. As a viewer I found the shorter the better as I tend to be a fast forwarder to long drawn out videos.

 This year I switched from a disposable menstrual product to a reusable one.  I had been thinking about making the switch over the years but was too chicken and over whelmed by it.  I really thought it would be a hard switch when in fact it was super easy!  I made my own pads and after tweaking them a few times they turned out great.  I later decided to sell them by opening up my second Etsy shop , Mama Kloth.

 I will post again and talk about my background and how I ended up with two Etsy shops.  But for now I will just post my awkward but informative video :)