Water Resistant Fleece

  Today I attempted my first You Tube video.  This was something I really didn't want to do and always feel awkward especially filming myself.  So I got my 13 year daughter to film it with my Iphone which made it a little less clumsy.  I tried to just relax and be myself.  The ending is a little weird as I just didn't know how to sign off, but it was our 5th take so I settled on it after feeling much like a broken record.  My daughter and her friend laughed at our 3 take where I accidently put the tap on full blast and make a mess.  I really should have kept this video as a blooper, it was pretty funny.

 I wanted to do the video because sometimes things need to be seen and explained not just written. As a viewer I found the shorter the better as I tend to be a fast forwarder to long drawn out videos.

 This year I switched from a disposable menstrual product to a reusable one.  I had been thinking about making the switch over the years but was too chicken and over whelmed by it.  I really thought it would be a hard switch when in fact it was super easy!  I made my own pads and after tweaking them a few times they turned out great.  I later decided to sell them by opening up my second Etsy shop , Mama Kloth.

 I will post again and talk about my background and how I ended up with two Etsy shops.  But for now I will just post my awkward but informative video :)

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