Recycling Glass Jars

I just love to be able to reuse something instead of sending it to that landfill or even to be recycled . After a shopping trip to Costco, we purchased a few peaches and mandarin oranges that came in these beautiful glass jars. I decided to keep the jars and figure out something I could use them for. Than it occurred to me one day that they would make great drinking glasses. They quickly become a family favourite.

The only problem was completely removing the sticky mess from the label. I searched on Pinterest and tried a few suggested including soaking in hot soapy water, nail polish remover , bleach and vinegar. All done seperately, I had zero success.

Until I tried Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser ( the blue ones with the Dawn soap worked the best).  I'm not going to lie it does take some elbrow grease but it worked the best! Now we have about 8 shiny jars to drink from all summer. Now to find some lids to fit and some fun paper straws.

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