Ok so I' a bad bloggger.

I started this blog with good intentions, I really did. But I could have never imgained how busy I would be with my new business. Reusable mentstrual pads have become a big sensation! When I first starting making Mama Kloth pads there were less than half of the amount being sold on Etsy. Now the word has spread and so many women have made the switch and have never been happier. My favourite part is choosing the fabric. I LOVE fabric! As many of you PADDICTS (Women addicted to buying pads) out there are looking to add to their current stash , I'm doing the same with my fabric stash. (fabricoholic) perhaps. But it enables me to bring to you lovely ladies unique prints from all over the world. Both Japan and Korea are constantly bringing out amazing Collections of fabrics. Mama Kloth has grown alot over the last year and a half. I went from having just a few handfuls of products to now carry over 30 different skus including Wetbags, Hotwater Bottle Covers and now my newest product Interlabial Pads. (will post more about that one next time). I have so many more idea of products to bring to you and am happy to say that everything in my shop is Made in Canada. I hope to be more update on my Blogging especially with important information as well as launching of new products. Thank you so much to all your continued support! (Pictured here is one of my Best Selling Starter Sets in Saltwater)

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